Rules on the forum.

Rules of conduct on the forum.

Rules on the forum.

Postby admin » Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:32 pm

Welcome to SmashMouth Games message board.

This is a public message board, and whilst both moderators and administrators will do their best to ensure objectionable material is not posted in the confines of the forum it is near impossible to analyze every post published on any board. The messages posted are the views of the author of the post, and SmashMouth Games is not held responsible for the content of any message displayed on any board. Please contact the administrator in any instance of seeing a message you feel is inappropriate and we will do our best to resolve any issue.

Rules have been put in place to make the forum as enjoyable for its members as possible. We ask politely that you spend a few moments familiarising yourself with them. Thank you.

- Show courtesy and consideration to others at all times. Everyone has different opinions and we all should respect that.

- Deliberately inciting arguments for attention (aka Trolling), is obviously not allowed. If you see a thread that is designed to wind people up then don't reply to it but instead inform the moderator or administrator of its existence instead.

- Deliberate circumvention of the swear filter will be treated with appropriate measures; it is there for a reason.

- Pornography, whether direct as an image or links to pornographic images, is not allowed. Any pornographic images/links posted in the gaming forums will result in an immediate temporary ban, whilst any pornographic images/links are removed from the forum. If a forum member continues to break the pornography ban then their account will be suspended.

- Spam messages - chitchat is fine, but deliberately spamming the board with irrelevant one word replies for example is not permitted, nor is bumping topics with the purpose of sending them to the top of the forum list. It's discourteous to those who put effort into their posts.

- Advertising is not allowed on this forum without express consent from the Administrators of SmashMouth Games. This includes retail outlets and commercial/non-commercial websites.

- Do not post magazine scans either as attachments or as links to other sites, this is a form of copyright theft and can be treated with the same severity as posting links to “Rapidshare” downloads.

- Similarly, any members found providing information which could be used in any illegal capacity can result in an immediate ban. If you are unsure, please ask a moderator before you post.

- Please do not register for more than one account on this board as this is not necessary, but if you have good reason to do so then contact a moderator. Failure to comply will result in the removal of the subsequent alias.

- Please post your topics to the right board. If a clearly non-relevant topic is posted on the wrong category, the user who created it will be notified and the topic moved to the appropriate category.

Being a new forum we want every user to enjoy a discussion on the forums and help evolve it along the way. If you feel aggrieved about something, or would like your matter to be raised to the administrators, then Private Message 'Admin' and we will do our best to resolve the issue for you. Under no circumstance should you retaliate publicly on the forums.

Thank you for taking the time to read our forum rules now go and have a chat!
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